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Service Areas for Gutter Installation

Gutters are vital fixtures in all homes and commercial properties. They collect and direct rainwater and melt-offs from the roof away from your home or building to a discharge point. Who installs and maintains your gutter system is just as important as the type of gutters that you use. It’s important to work with experienced professionals that understand various gutter designs and materials.

Areas of Service

With more than 10 years of experience in gutter installation and many satisfied customers throughout Mora, Ogilvie, Milaca, Foley, Onamia, Isle, Sandstone, Hinckley, North Branch, Cambridge, Isanti, Princeton, I’m up to the challenge. I can help you with residential and commercial gutter installation, repair services, and much more. I have been working in the construction/gutter industry for many years, and I know all gutter companies’ materials and techniques. I am also familiar with local building codes and zoning requirements. I can help you replace your old, leaking, or overflowing gutters with new seamless gutters. After heavy rainfall, standing water and other issues will no longer be a problem. Call me today if you’re looking for a professional gutter replacement company to install new gutters in the above areas.

Type of Gutters

K- Style Seamless Gutters

K-Style gutters also known as “Ogee gutters” are the most common choice among homeowners in America. With this style, you will have a variety of materials and sizes available to choose from. This style gutter is extremely durable, easy to install, and cost-effective to you; the homeowner. They are called K-Style gutters because they have a mildy similar shape to the letter “K” when viewed from the side. They have a crown molding appearance and add a very stylish look to every home. When high-quality materials are used, their shape prevents them from distorting, bending, or becoming manipulated when struck by force. This is a huge benefit for any homeowner that lives where harsh conditions like ice and snow are present.

  1. One advantage is that they fit seamlessly into any new construction or existing home. This is why they are one of the most popular choices among homeowners.
  2. K-Style gutters are flat on the backside, allowing them to be screwed directly into the fascia board. This eliminates the need for any external brackets and keeps the cost of the project down.
  3. K-Style gutters are made onsight meaning they are all seamless and less prone to leaks. This will help you avoid water damage, and maximize the longevity of your investment.
  4. This style of gutter holds the most volume of water compared to other styles of the same size.
  5. Being compared to crown molding these gutters add a very appealing look on any home.


K Style gutters can be made from many different materials. This includes aluminum, copper, and galvanized steel. The most common choice is aluminum due to its cost and resistance to rust. Copper is the most expensive due to its durability and timeless look.

  1. Leaves and sediment tend to get stuck in the crevices and corners resulting in some maintenance
  2. Internal Brackets make it more difficult to clean and maintenance
  3. Limited choices besides choosing color to customize to your home

Half Round Seamless Gutters

Half-round gutters have the appearance of a pipe that has been cut in half. This style of gutter has a U-shape which pairs beautifully with older, historic homes. However, half round gutters can also be a perfect match for any modern home looking to add that unique touch and eye catching curb appeal. With the shape being round there is no flat side to mount to the fascia, this makes the installation process a little more time consuming with a few added steps. All the hangers are external and cast from high quality Aluminum making them very strong. With Multiple Styles and countless colors, the external cast hangers are sure to set your home apart from any other on the block.

  1. Timeless look that adds a very elegant and custom look to your home that will have everyone talking.
  2. With no internal Hangers this style of gutter is by far the easiest to maintain if needed.
  3. Smooth bottom with no creases allows water and debris to flow freely leading to less maintenance.
  4. Half Round Gutters are also made on the jobsite allowing for that seamless profile to be achieved, minimizing any chance of leaks.
  5. They can easily be installed on all types of fascia including angled fascia and exposed rafter tails.
  6. Half Round gutters can be made from many different materials. This includes aluminum, copper, and galvanized steel. The most common choice is aluminum due to its cost and resistance to rust. Copper is the most expensive due to its durability and timeless look.
  7. Many Options of Hangers and accessories to choose from allowing you to personally match your gutters to your home and personality.
  1. Due to the added steps and accessories, Half rounds tend to me be more expensive than other options.
  2. The Installation process takes longer.

How DOES Bobby Install Gutters?

I will first take the time to personally meet with you. We will discuss what you are trying to achieve and if you are currently dealing with any issues. I will listen to you and respect your opinions as well as give you any professional advice to help you understand the process. I will then inspect your home and sketch it out indicating where we will be installing gutters and downspouts.. During this phase, I will check the condition of your soffit and fascia and determine if there are sections that need to be replaced. I will determine the location and size of the gutters and downspouts, the slope of your gutters, and whether or not any additional materials or services are needed. I will then prepare an estimate explaining the services and materials to be used on your home. Pricing will be up front, easy to read and honest with no hidden fees. If the estimate is accepted we will then move forward with an agreed upon install date.

When your install date arrives we will show up on time with all the equipment and materials needed to properly do your gutter installation.

The first thing I will do is take all the measurements of your gutters and prepare them on site for an efficient seamless install. Depending on the layout of your home we tend to start on one end and work our way around maximizing efficiency and eliminating wasted time making unnecessary trips around your home. All your gutters will be installed first using a level to ensure proper flow. If a leaf protection is being used that will be installed at the same time as im installing your gutters. Once I have your gutters properly installed I will then install all your downspouts. They will be strapped to your structure to make sure they are secured tight and do not wiggle or vibrate in high winds. The last thing I will do is a walk around ensuring nothing was missed and everything is the highest quality available. All garbage and unwanted materials will be removed from the jobsite. Depending on the size of your home most installs are done the same day and satisfaction is guaranteed.

k style gutter on second story house

Gutter Maintenance and Protection

Your gutter’s health impacts your roofing system and home’s foundation. Left unchecked, residential gutters can clog, leak, and break down over time, leading to severe water damage. Call Bobby, your local Gutter Protection expert, to inspect your gutters annually. Bobby will check your gutters for potential problems and fix them before it turns into costly repairs.

What Determines Cost of Gutter Installation?

Seamless rain gutters are a significant investment compared to regular gutters as they do require special fabrication and expert installation. As a homeowner, you can consider this upfront cost a beneficial long-term investment in your property. Gutter installation cost depends on a combination of factors such as:

  • Type of rain gutter you prefer
  • Size of your home and roof
  • Presence of existing gutters
  • Gutter size or shape requirements
  • Materials and colors you choose
  • Gutter company you hire
two toned gutter downspout matching wooden pillar

Have an Upcoming Gutter Job?
Call Gutters by Bobby for High-Quality Gutter Installations and Gutter Replacement.

When the time comes to install residential gutters, call Bobby. I am a local gutter professional dedicated to serving my local community with superior gutter installation services. I only use durable, seamless gutters made from the highest quality materials and have all the necessary tools for a flawless and seamless job. I take great pride in my work and stand behind it everytime. After completing a gutter job, I always follow up with homeowners to ensure they’re 100% satisfied. For a free estimate or to schedule an installation, call me at 320-336-9749 for a free quote today.